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Air Frieght

All are fitted with modern security locks, safety cameras, communication systems, tracking systems and are driven by a two men crew for your peace of mind. We work in partnership with the

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Road Transport

Team of cargo experts are always available to help you with any queries you might have, or if you want to consult in length your logistic requirements.

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Ocean Freight

We closely work with some of the largest shipping lines in the world, which have the capacity to transport thousands of shipping containers anywhere in the world on a frequent basis.

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Our logistics services go far beyond just shipping and warehousing. We offer value-added services like customs brokerage: Our professional staffs take care of customs compliance. Their profound knowledge of specific regulations guarantees that goods are shipped smoothly. Whether you are forwarding goods by air, sea or road, our professionals will do their best to help you reduce the risk of delays or penalties. Make use of our brokerage or combine it with shipping services to ensure delivery of your cargo to its destination on-time.


Our Company maintains warehouse operations in Europe, America, Asia and all over the globe. We have our own warehouses, thanks to which we can guarantee not only the best possible storage and management of your items, but also safety and reduced storage costs for you.


Team of cargo experts are always available to help you with any queries you might have, or if you want to consult in length your logistic requirements. We would study your requirements and provide you with a quote that would not only suit your budget, but would also save you considerable amount of money in the long term. And, we guarantee that.


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Customer Satisfication Tools

“Always give people more than they expect to get” is a simple but powerful quote by Nelson Boswell, which could be easily applied to any area of life.
The key here is in the surprise element of getting more than you expected. For instance, imagine you expected to receive a free mug, but were actually given a free mug and a 20% discount voucher.

Management & Reporting

The Delivered Parcel report gives you a holistic overview of parcels that have been successfully delivered or had the first delivery attempt in the selected date range. You’ll get a quick snapshot of your carrier’s delivery performance either across carriers or destination.
This report consists of two key logistics metrics – the percentage of delivered parcels split by carrier or target destination.

Freight Payment Options

Four essential import and export freight payment methods
1. Cash against goods
2. Cash against Documents
3. Cash in advance
4. Letters of credit

Compliance Solutions

Compliance is a core element of our business. This section outlines some of the aspects that are important in delivering services that comply with current legislation. We also offer Compliance Services so that you can focus on your core business while we make sure that legal requirements are met.

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All of which are backed by a network of experts on every continent, customized operational tools, clear-cut processes. Every industry has its own logistics needs, which is why Bolloré Logistics constantly innovate to deliver the specific expertise required with a high added value that are a perfect fit with today’s logistics requirements in a range of different sectors.

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